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ApeLiquid Discord

Liquid METL

METL Token

Liquid METL is a fully collateralized ERC-20 token. Use Metamask or Uniswap & and convert to or from ETH quickly and easily.

METL Forge

Forged Liquid METL

Earn 1% of all Forged METL each month.

Liquid Legends

Legendary Collection

NFTs with style, utility, and benefits, including upcoming Artifact drops and Mythic Creature evolution.

Drawn by world-class "Earthworm Jim" artist Doug TenNapel

Liquid Invaders

Aliens with Utility

Ability to "abduct" NFTs into alien ship & drop any abducted NFT into a random Invader's wallet.

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Liquid Keys
Members Only Drop

Liquid Keys have been dropped to ApeLiquid holders.

Keys have a World & Enhancement & Rarity.

Liquid Artifacts
Free Airdrop

Legends, Invaders, & Azuki Apes will receive a random, unique, Artifact.

Artifacts & Liquid Keys are required to evolve a Mythic Creature.

Mythic Creatures

Evolution Chamber


One Key One NFT Artifact

Evolves into
A Mythic Creature
Evolving soon...

Forge Dashboard

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Earn 1% of the floor price in METL each month.

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New Liquid Forge in August

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We Are ApeLiquid

Aleph 0ne

Founder & Architect

Crypto OG. Believes in community. Likes Cake.



Supports truth & fights for good. Dislikes bullies.

Crystal King


Holds his own. Family man. Keeps it real.



Liquidity master. Financial reckoner.


Ideas Guy

Likes the beach. Calm under pressure.


Blockchain Developer

Knows Solidity. Will read your contract. Web3 magician.


Team Member

Reluctant artist. Faster than light. Hasmat ready.


Community & Support

Quiet as a Ninja. Probably not jaded.